Workflow-Set Remote Access Management

Manage and secure mobile workplaces easily

Mobile workplaces are not only important for many companies in times of an epidemic. The main challenge in administration is to ensure security and data protection and to keep them up to date. The relevant requirements of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) provide guidelines for this.



Specifically designed for mobile workplaces

The FLOWSTER Workflow Set Remote Access Management fulfils the requirements of BSI and ISO for the most common solutions. It prevents users as administrators from remotely accessing the IT from outside the company and making changes. The workflow set nevertheless ensures that changes can only be made by authorised persons according to the principle of “least privilege” and “privilege delegation”.

User administration

The rights of users for remote access (allowing and blocking) can be assigned and managed centrally in a BSI- and ISO-compliant manner.

Least Privilege

Administrators are not allowed to work remotely on the infrastructure. Access permissions of administrators are restricted to a minimum. Thus, admins can act as users and execute defined workflows with the corresponding admin rights. This ensures system security.

Privilege Delegation

When administrators with user permissions access workflows authorised for them, it is ensured that the rights required for this task are also available. This ensures that the infrastructure is protected from damage.


The workflow set RAM provides a transparent overview of permitted and denied access in an identity and access management tool, such as Microsoft Active Directory, at any time.


The information from the managed access points is collected and made available for evaluations.



Changes to systems may only be made remotely
by authorized persons according to defined rules.


IAM integration provides a transparent overview of permitted and denied accesses at all times.


The rights for remote access can be
assigned and managed centrally in a BSI- and ISO-compliant manner.

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