Workflow Set HR-IT

Fast and efficient relief

User administration is becoming increasingly complex in all companies. For the HR and IT departments in particular, this means a steadily increasing manual effort. Those in charge are tied up by a multitude of time-consuming and labour-intensive routine activities that keep them from working on their actual core tasks. In addition, they are involved in processes that require the handling of more and more IT systems.



Specifically designed for your HR and IT departments

The FLOWSTER Workflow Set HR-IT is a ready-to-use automation solution specifically designed for HR and IT departments. With the ready-made workflow set, you automate the most frequently occurring tasks that previously had to be executed manually with a lot of effort. Human resources managers and IT staff thus have the necessary freedom to devote themselves to more important work.


In the webinar, you will learn how employees are supported and considerably relieved of the most important tasks in user management. Only available in German so far.


Employee On-Boarding

All necessary accounts, access permissions and access to folders and directories for new employees are created automatically. Permissions to applications, services and drives are created.


Roles and permissions are automatically updated when the staff situation changes – for example, when they are promoted, change departments, take on additional functions or are no longer required. This allows any complex, role-based access control to be implemented, maintained and logged (RBAC best practice).


If an employee’s information changes, he or she can update it independently via self-service or have it adjusted centrally. This includes data such as the address and telephone or office number – for example, if the employee moves to another building.


In the case of temporary changes for employees, roles and access authorizations are automatically restored after expiration – for example, after temporary work in project or work groups, longer absences due to parental leave, or even in the case of substitutions.

Password Reset

Forgotten passwords cost time and productivity. On average, they reduce both the working time of an employee and that of the involved helpdesk 2 times a year. Per self-service, passwords can be reset independently, directly and automatically in compliance with compliance guidelines, thus increasing the performance of employees and administrators.

Employee Off-Boarding

All required accounts, access permissions and access to folders and directories for employees are automatically removed when they leave. Permissions to applications, services and drives are revoked again.



Automated workflows dramatically reduce elapsed times for employee on-boarding and off-boarding processes


Replacing specific scripts with automated processes guarantee consistent error-free execution


Automated application and approval processes without media discontinuity facilitate management across departments

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