Workflow Set AD-Audit

More security and compliance for your Active Directory

Valuable information about your company is stored in your Active Directory, also on Azure or Microsoft 365. This information regulates authorizations and access options in your company. Regulations and certification programmes such as BSI-Grundschutz or ISO 27001 therefore require the possibility of evaluation and verification at any time.



Specifically designed for more transparency

The FLOWSTER workflow wet AD Audit provides you with all the important information you need about your AD infrastructure and objects. The solution periodically analyzes your Active Directory and thus provides you with detailed domain insights. 

With the help of the workflow set, you thus have the possibility to identify hidden contexts, authorizations and errors in order to subsequently optimize them. This enables you to reduce security risks and demonstrate IT compliance.


In the webinar, you will learn how to reduce security risks in AD and prove IT compliance.


All user information is displayed. This includes details on attributes as well as duplicate login names and passwords. The respective statuses can also be mapped – e.g. which user was created within the last 30 days or all users who have not been logged in for a month or quarter.


Detailed information about accounts is displayed. This includes locked and disabled user and computer accounts, but also accounts whose password has not been set in the last 365 days.

Structure, Permissions, Groups

The entire organizational structure is displayed and can be compared to a plan. All group information is mapped (e.g. nesting, empty groups or memberships). All permissions are displayed – both of groups and in combination (AND/OR).


All employees in a location are displayed sorted by address and office number. Phone numbers can be compared with a control file. In addition, all supervisor-associated employees can be found.

When using the workflows set User Management

In combination with the workflow set User Management, a list of changes can be created, sorted by the persons who executed them. The number of password resets per employee is also visible and thus improves the evaluation options.



Through the realization with workflows


The comprehensive dashboard
provides detailed and extensive information


Ad hoc queries allow to start all reports at any time

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