The FLOWSTER workflow sets are ready-made automation solutions. They have been specially designed for various areas of application and can be used immediately. With the help of the workflow sets, you automate the most common tasks that previously had to be performed manually with a lot of effort. This gives those responsible the necessary freedom to devote themselves to more important tasks again.


Solution developed specifically for HR and IT departments. Automate IT processes in user management along the entire employee lifecycle. User accounts can be created, changed or logged off centrally. Adaptations can be implemented quickly using standardized workflows.


An automation solution that gives you all the important information you need about your AD infrastructure and objects. You can identify hidden contexts, permissions and errors. This enables you to mitigate security risks and prove IT compliance.


An automation solution primarily designed for Microsoft® 365 administration. With the workflow set you automate the most common tasks around user administration and license management, permissions and mailboxes.


The workflow set prevents users as administrators from accessing IT remotely from outside the company and making changes. It meets BSI and ISO requirements and ensures that changes can only be made by authorized persons.

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