User Management

User management is a complex and lengthy process in many companies. The reason for this is that it involves many areas of the company, such as HR, IT, and security.  In particular, the targeted support of an employee throughout his or her entire career within the organization (employee life cycle) means that the associated processes have to be interlinked – from entry to personnel development to exit.

Less effort

The manual effort required to create, change and log off users and their roles and authorizations is high. In many cases, cooperation between the individual departments, approval by superiors and coordination with other people or departments involved is difficult. For example, the onboarding of a new employee can take days or even weeks. You can remedy this situation with automation.  

Documented routine

These tasks are recurring activities of the administration, which are mostly realized manually or by script. As a result, these processes are hardly traceable. For example, it is often not documented who created which user, when and how, or assigned them to a group. With automated processes, you always maintain an overview.



With the FLOWSTER solutions in the area of user management you efficiently automate IT processes in user administration along the entire employee life cycle. User accounts can be created, changed or logged off centrally. Adjustments can be implemented quickly using standardized workflows and have a direct and immediate effect on the integrated IT tools and systems.


The pre-built workflow set is an out-of-the-box automation solution designed specifically for HR and IT departments. With it, you automate the most frequently occurring tasks in the area of user management.


FLOWSTER IDM offers a customizable roles and rights concept for the central management of all users in your company. This fundamentally simplifies the work around the AD.


With the FLOWSTER Password Reset Portal, your colleagues can reset passwords around the clock, independently, automatically and policy compliant in just 5 minutes.  


Extensive support

Extensive support for automated creation and locking of accounts and their permissions.

Definable approvals

Definable approvals and automated password management for end users help to reduce administrative efforts in the support department.

Centralized control

Centralized control of all users in the IT environment facilitates their management and reduces the potential for errors and inconsistencies.

Arbitrary extension

The arbitrary expansion through the connection of further systems offers you maximum flexibility for the future development of your company.

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