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Tickets to reset passwords or unlock user accounts make up a significant number of service requests that IT admins and helpdesk staff have to deal with. They affect productivity and increase helpdesk costs. Microsoft has therefore equipped Azure AD with Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR). This feature allows end users to reset their Azure AD password themselves, without helpdesk intervention. However, Microsoft’s on-premises AD does not provide a built-in option for SSPR. There is a workaround, but it is complex and requires the integration of Azure AD with local AD.

4 good reasons

why you should choose the FLOWSTER Password Reset Portal
instead of Azure AD SSPR


Subscription costs

If you want to use the SSPR functions of Azure AD only in the cloud, this costs at least 5.60 € per user and month. If you also want to use these functions on-premise, the subscription costs increase to €8.40 (without Office365). With Office 365, you have to pay at least €10.50 per user and month.  

The FLOWSTER PRP costs only € 0.10 per user and month*.


Supports both local and hybrid AD

The FLOWSTER PRP supports your directory service both locally and in the cloud – without limitation to Microsoft products. Although Microsoft provides SSPR for local AD, setup is complex and requires additional purchases. FLOWSTER PRP is quick and easy to set up and use with many directory services.


Maximum ROI by registering with the helpdesk

With FLOWSTER PRP, user registration takes place automatically via an onboarding process at the helpdesk. Users do not have to register themselves and are quickly ready to work again (24/7). The registration techniques of Azure AD can be easily bypassed by users.


Advanced audit functions

The FLOWSTER Password Reset Portal automatically generates exportable audits of all account changes made. Azure AD only provides monitoring reports on user activities related to SSPR.

* If you have more than 15,000 employees, we will provide you with an individual offer.

Team Leader IT Infrastructure
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» Not long ago, we had to open our notebooks many times in the evenings and on weekends to reset a forgotten password or unlock an account. With the FLOWSTER Password Reset Portal, this is now a thing of the past. «

And this is how it works

Does the following situation sound familiar? You have forgotten your password in your home office or your account is locked. The IT support is not available and Microsoft’s password reset options do not work. With the FLOWSTER Password Reset Portal, all you need is your email address and a Free OTP token.  

Step 1

You log in to the Password Reset Portal with your stored e-mail address. The portal is available via your desktop PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

Step 2

You have a 6-digit token generated via the authenticator and enter it in the portal. Your e-mail address is validated in the background and the password is reset.

Step 3

You will receive a one-time password via a secure connection by e-mail or SMS. You can use this to assign a new password or to unblock your account.

Get back your time!

Password reset with only 3 clicks. Without helpdesk.

30-50 %

of all helpdesk tickets
contain the topic “password”

70 Euro

costs on average
a single manual password reset

30 Minuten

lasts the manual resetting
of a single password

Reset passwords automatically and policy compliant
in 5 minutes

If you have to reset an employee’s password or unlock the account more than 8 times a month, then you should act! With the FLOWSTER Password Reset Portal, your colleagues will be able to manage these tasks securely, conveniently and in the shortest possible time on their own in the future. The FLOWSTER Password Reset Portal is available to your company around the clock. No more waiting for IT administration, holidays or vacations.

Password Reset Portal from user’s view

Password Reset Portal from admin’s view

Password Reset Portal from manager’s view

The working world has changed

The Corona pandemic in particular has permanently changed the world of work in almost all areas. Traditional core working hours have been replaced by new working models. Fixed home office arrangements, for example, enable employees to adapt their working hours to the new challenges in their private lives. Meanwhile, many employees also work in the evening and at the weekends due to childcare and homeschooling. What’s more important is that you do your work – when this happens is no longer the top priority.

As important and right as the changed working time models are for employees, they pose a special challenge for companies. Hardly any company can afford to triple its helpdesk in order to guarantee round-the-clock IT support for its workforce.


Your data are safe

Authentication via e-mail address and token as well as separate outward and return communication paths prevent unauthorised access. No account-related data are stored in the portal. The password is reset on a separate system.

Flexible adaptation of the process and the backend systems through FLOWSTER Workflow Automation

Simple and quick adaptation of the “Password Reset” and “Unlock User” workflows.

Simple deployment

Container-based web portal that can be deployed easily and quickly.

Users can easily reset their own password or unlock their account.

Schlankes Webportal, das über PC oder ein mobiles Gerät aufgerufen werden kann.

Available 24/7 for every employee

Possible at any time – no interaction with the helpdesk necessary.

Lower downtime costs

Self-service significantly reduces employee downtime – especially when the User Helpdesk is not available.


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