Centrally control of access permissions

User administration is becoming increasingly complex in all companies. The manual effort is high, error-prone and hardly traceable. This can result in both critical authorization combinations and documentation gaps. In most cases, many instances and systems are involved, making authorization processes time-consuming, confusing and slow. It can take weeks before a user has access to all the resources he needs.

Example: New employee

This becomes particularly clear when a new employee is hired in the company: This employee often needs a large number of accounts and access to a wide variety of folders or files in order to be able to work. Permissions to applications, services or drives must not only be created, but also kept up to date. 

Example: Temporary changes

It is also necessary to adjust access rights in the case of temporary changes to the employee situation, for example, in the case of substitutes on vacation or sick leave, or during parental leave. Access rights must also be configured accordingly in the case of a change of department, promotion or a change in an employee’s project affiliation.

Automated identity management

FLOWSTER IDM offers a customizable roles and rights concept for the central management of all users in your company. This fundamentally simplifies the work around the AD. On the basis of roles, new, individual user rights can be quickly and easily assigned to individual employees or entire departments via workflow, adjusted or withdrawn again if required. This simplifies manual administration and significantly reduces susceptibility to errors.


Relief for IT

The IT department’s effort for time-consuming routine activities is decisively reduced by workflow-controlled, automated authorization releases.

Time-saving and effective

Daily tasks, such as password resets or the assignment of new telephone numbers, can be conveniently decentralized and save time. Both releases and manual process steps are supported.

More freedom through self-service

A self-service portal enables the delegation of tasks to the respective specialist department. This allows the department to act autonomously and eliminates the need for intervention at the system level.

Safe and traceable

All information on user data and access rights is recorded, mapped in an audit-proof manner and fulfills your compliance guidelines. A complete history prevents later falsifications and facilitates the audit.


The FLOWSTER Workflow-Set AD-Audit provides you with all the important information you need about your AD infrastructure and objects. The solution periodically analyzes your Active Directory and thus provides you with detailed insights into the domains. This way, hidden contexts, authorizations and errors can be identified in order to optimize them afterwards.

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