Proof of Concept


Many companies have recognized the need to introduce an automation solution and additionally own already initial ideas or even specified ideas about which processes should be automated (use cases). Because of a seemingly complex entry into IT automation, FLOWSTER Solutions supports you in the next following step: The implementation of a proof of concept for the evaluation as well as continuous optimization of your own idea.

We implement your ideas together with you. As part of a proof of concept (PoC), you are able to test your own selected automation scenarios based on your requirements under real conditions in your own environment. The result is the fundament for both the implementation of your own automation solutions and the development of an individual automation strategy.


During the preparation phase, our experts will work with the aim to define the goals of a meaningful PoC based on your individual requirements. During interviews, your professional background and expectations will be determined. After successful installation of the  IT automation platform of FLOWSTER Solutions within your existing IT infrastructure, we will discuss the course of the following workshop with you and designate the persons involved along with their roles.


The next step consists of a workshop at your premise – where the previously defined Uses Cases will be implemented, as well as further usage scenarios evaluated. In this context, our specialist instructs you in the FLOWSTER automation tool and accompanies you comprehensively during your training with the software. Afterwards we will prepare the following steps together with you.


As part of the follow-up, we are going to work out a final presentation together with you, with purpose to summarize the findings from the workshop and identify potential. This ensures that you can use the full functionality of the FLOWSTER software and get the best results.


The PoC ends with a common review. For that purpose, we present the technical as well as the professional results obtained and put them together in a final documentation. Upon request, the final workflow design and a possible future project can be defined.


During a PoC you will be accompanied by an experienced automation specialist, who will be at your side as the main contact for planning as well as implementation. For the purpose of being able to evaluate initial results quickly and cost-effectively, a PoC usually only takes 5 days. The full functionality of FLOWSTER Studio is available to you free of charge during the evaluation for a period of 30 days.

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