Automation Consulting

Neutral consulting for your individual projects

Secure and efficient IT has become more important than ever for business growth. A sophisticated automation strategy can therefore be the key to success. Investments in the development and expansion of IT service management (ITSM) and automation solutions usually pay off after a short time, because potential for optimization exists in almost every company.

Often, this potential has already been identified, tapped, and various ITSM and automation solutions are available for this purpose. The automation strategy is as individual as your digitization and cloud strategy. Various tool manufacturers have established themselves on the market to serve these individual automation needs.

We support you in the implementation – regardless of the solutions used

To ensure that the range of services offered by your IT continuously meets the requirements of the company’s development, the solutions used must be continuously adapted and expanded. We support you in automating your IT processes – the overall result is a significant increase in the cost-benefit ratio. Thus, you always get the most out of your existing tools and use them in the best possible way: an investment that pays off.

Our expertise is your advantage

You benefit from our experience with customer projects from over 20 years. We provide our know-how independently and individually in consulting and training. In this way, we can optimally contribute to your projects. As a manufacturer of individual solutions, we always analyze all relevant technologies for the further development of our product interfaces. For this purpose, we deal intensively and continuously with the relevant automation and cloud solutions.

Automation Strategy

Success with the right methodology

An individual automation strategy is necessary to successfully manage the digitization of your company. Because only if you recognize the potential of your IT, your company can respond optimally to new challenges of digital transformation. Success therefore depends to a large extent on a well thought-out strategy. We support you with strategic automation consulting that integrates all areas of the company. For you, IT automation is therefore not just a buzzword, but an economic success factor. The Automation Strategy supports you in making your company more agile and in meeting the requirements of technological change.


Future-proof concepts that drive your business forward

As part of the Automation Strategy, we analyze the digital maturity of your company. To do this, we look at various aspects such as the technologies currently in use as well as business and support processes.

Based on this, we determine your specific automation goals together with you and define your project for their implementation. The Automation Strategy identifies your needs and expectations in each phase and shows where automation promises the most success. In doing so, we support both management and employees.

Your advantages of the Automation Strategy

You receive trustworthy, independent and transparent advice on your individual starting position. In addition, a holistic view takes place. You get new impulses and new perspectives from an external perspective. You also benefit from our many years of experience with the successful implementation of digitization and automation projects.

Automation Guide

What is an Automation Guide?

Most companies are aware of the need to automate their IT infrastructure, but those responsible have different starting points. On the one hand, the individual departments have to provide services ever faster, but are tied up by time-consuming routine activities in their day-to-day business. On the other hand, management has to optimize important business processes and drive innovations, the implementation of which places an additional burden on the departments. The problem on the part of the specialist departments therefore tends to be a lack of time resources, but for management the focus is usually on cost reduction.

In both cases, however, it is often not known what potential for automation actually exists, both in the specialist departments and at company level in the overarching business processes. Many companies thus miss out on enormous opportunities to save time and money. The FLOWSTER Automation Guide provides important clues to determine the automation potential and to implement it profitably.

You want to have more details?

Details on goals, results and process as well as examples
can be found in our complete Automation Guide.

Bottom-up approach

The FLOWSTER Automation Guide in the bottom-up approach looks at possible use cases in the individual departments on the basis of technical interviews. In open workshops, both already known use cases and previously ignored areas are identified. In addition to the technical feasibility for automation, the implementation is also evaluated commercially, so that a concrete consideration of the time savings per use case is possible.

Top-down approach

The FLOWSTER Automation Guide in the top down approach analyzes the complaint and ordering processes on IT level. It provides a comprehensive view of frequently occurring errors (incidents), which, in addition to unnecessary costs for the IT department, also mean significantly higher follow-up costs due to downtime for the entire company. The errors uncovered in this way can be avoided or reduced in the future through automation, and the resources freed up as a result can be used more sensibly for root cause analysis.


The FLOWSTER Automation Guide formed the basis of an IT automation project at Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG to identify potential automats and thus drive the holistic automation of IT infrastructure processes.  

Joachim Süpple (Head of IT) and Denis Schlumpberger (Team Leader IT Backoffice Systems) explain how they have implemented holistic concepts and methods for IT automation in their own company.

Interview at

AUTOMATE IT Hamburg 2018

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