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FLOWSTER is an expert in intelligent and holistic IT automation of IT infrastructure, IT services, applications as well as cloud processes. The cross-vendor software products and solutions support companies in digitizing, optimizing and consolidating technical infrastructure processes. With end-to-end automation for complex enterprise environments, as well as highly integrated and sustainable end-to-end solutions in all IT areas, FLOWSTER Solutions provides decisive competitive advantages.

Also the extensive consulting services open up new innovation potential. FLOWSTER Solutions, among with its partners, also realize implementation projects for customers and assist them in exercising their digitization strategy.

Matthias Jaekel | Geschäftsführer FLOWSTER Solutions

„IT automation strategies will be reconsidered and adapted within upcoming years due to rising workload, increased complexity and lack of specialist staff.

Digitization is the driving force, holistic concepts and methods the solution – in order to optimize speed, flexibility, scalability and quality. FLOWSTER supports you as a German automation specialist in terms of recognizing potential and implementing it profitably”.

Matthias Jaekel | Managing Director

Icon FLOWSTER Vision


Our goal is to provide automation-as-a-service as a global player and to be the leading automation platform for any data center worldwide.



The future is digital – the one who’s not – isn’t  the future

Our software solves complex problems in a user-friendly way

FLOWSTER stands for sustainable solutions and continuous adaptation

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We localize and recover the enormous potential
of IT automation for our clients.

Matthias Jaekel | Geschäftsführer FLOWSTER Solutions

Matthias Jaekel

Chief Executive Officer

Matthias Jaekel is a qualified computer scientist and has been a department manager in IT infrastructure and software development departments of various companies in the financial sector for several years. Until recently, he headed the JAEMACOM GmbH, a regional infrastructure service provider, based in Berlin. In 2013, Jaekel founded FLOWSTER Solutions GmbH, which established itself as an IT automation specialist. As CEO, he is  setting the course for further company growth and  developing FLOWSTER Solutions actively.

Michael Fehse | Chief Digital Officer FLOWSTER Solutions GmbH

Michael Fehse

Chief Digital Officer

Michael Fehse has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry. He has held senior positions for leading life-science and telecommunications companies along with various start-ups. His expertise as a manager, consultant and IT architect allows him to realize solutions in complex multinational environments. As an expert in “Future Internet” as well as Smart Cities, he brings his experience as Chief Digital Officer to FLOWSTER since the year 2018. He continues to evolve FLOWSTER Solutions with the aid of his vast knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Digitization and Cloud.

Jens Blumberg-Stöhr | Leiter Consulting FLOWSTER Solutions GmbH

Jens Blumberg-Stöhr

Chief Product Officer

Jens Blumberg-Stöhr, born in 1984, is a specialist for system integration. He developed database applications at Nokia Siemens Networks and worked as an IT consultant at a Berlin system house. From 2015 on, he took over the workflow development, design and implementation of further automation solutions at FLOWSTER Solutions as an automation architect. Today, as the Chief Product Officer, he is responsible for the continuous development of the core product FLOWSTER Studio and all automation projects.


Alexander Krull

Chief Sales Officer

Alexander Krull is an expert on topics and trends in the fields of automation, data protection, analytics and digital marketing. Since 2007, as Senior Vice President Global Sales, he has developed and implemented national and international sales strategies at Webtrekk. Most recently, as Chief Data Evangelist, he was responsible for data protection and product communication. From September 2019, the industrial engineer will head the Sales and Marketing departments at FLOWSTER Solutions as CSO. He is responsible for all sales activities and the positioning of the company.


  • We always aim to set new standards in order to facilitate the work of our clients and constantly improve them.
  • Our main goal is to meet the challenges of tomorrow with innovative and sustainable solutions today.
  • We provide our customers with the right tools to help them get the most out of digital transformation.
  • The constant development of our products and solutions is oriented towards the needs as well as demands of our customers. These are therefore our top priority.

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