More time for the essential

For business leaders, CIOs, CTOs and HR managers who want to automate their IT processes across departments, quickly and securely

without tying up additional IT resources

without having to replace existing IT tools

without employees frustrated by routine tasks

without extensive programming knowledge (no-code/low-code)


“FLOWSTER saved us during the pandemic with automated provisioning of user permissions and VPN access in particular. We would never have been able to do that manually in the numbers and time.”

Andreas Sommer | Head of Department Basic Functions Infrastructure and Cloud | BS ENERGY

300+ access permissions
rolled out in 2 weeks

2,500 authorisations via self-service per year

Over 90% time saving

„With the help of FLOWSTER, the user quickly gets what he orders. This means that the processes are documented in a traceable and verifiable manner. We liked the fact that many predefined workflows were already included and we didn’t have to reinvent everything.“

Christina Koch | Head of Department Service Strategy & Design | Mainova AG

Around 2,000 employees use the portal successfully

More than 89,000 orders via the portal

Over 30,000 automated software assignments

“IT automation has accelerated our time-to-market. With automation, we can make better use of freed-up resources and support business goals in a more targeted way. This gives us the ability to deliver time-to-market solutions faster.”

Denis Schlumpberger | Division Manager IT Backoffice Systems | Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH

Employee onboarding accelerated by a factor of 100

Deploy a virtual server 8 times faster

500+ automated password resets per month



FLOWSTER Studio is the intelligent platform for modelling and executing system-specific and cross-system workflows in enterprise environments of medium to large data centres. New, individual workflow solutions can be modelled in just a short time and executed in combination with existing scripts. The four available versions of FLOWSTER Studio have each been designed for different sized IT environments and requirements.


for relevant fields of application


Manage IT processes in user administration along the entire employee life cycle


Manage your directory permissions quickly, efficiently and traceably


Manage your distributed IT landscape according to your needs with one interface


Reset your passwords automatically and policy compliant in just 5 minutes

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